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14 febrero 2010


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I don't like Avatar and don't think to see it at cinema, it seems only a great commercial operations to gain many $.Different is Bigelow film, I still remember her "sTange Days" in nineties, it was a true science fiction film with a story and a well written plot driver!
did you see that film?

I think I did not see Strange Days in the nineties, and I do not remember well the reason for that. But reading today the film's Wikipedia site, I remember that somehow I've read before now the Edward Guthmann's review for the San Francisco Chronicle, saying that "Strange Days wants to say something about faith and redemption -- about the importance of maintaining one's humanity in a darkened world. That's a worthy intent, but Bigelow is so enamored of high-tech thrills, and so mesmerized by the violence she seeks to condemn, that her efforts at 11th-hour moralizing seem limp and halfhearted".

I'm now curious about Strange Days, just to confirm or not that kind of Bigelow "mesmerization" by the violence and her last minute moralization...

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